Master student degree

Tuition fee for the whole program (Exchange rate ~ 32-37 Baht : 1 USD) 
M.S. (36 credits, 2 years-program)             =   300,000 Baht

Estimated other expenses: health insurance (9,000 Baht/year), book allowance (about 10,000 Baht or up to the sponsor), VISA extension in 2 years (6,000 Baht), cost for doing thesis (Students or sponsors should prepare for the cost which is about 50,000 Baht for M.S. thesis and 100,000 Baht for Ph.D. thesis. The estimation includes all the materials used, traveling to collect data and compiling a thesis).

Note:  The above expenses do not include accommodation (3,000-4,000 Baht/month) and food expenses (6,000-10,000 Baht/month).

Exchange Student

Available upon request